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Global Distribution


New Energy Asia Pacific had established joint venture which will extend the company’s market reach to the entire territory in North America, United Arab Emirates, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


The strategic alliance will enhance our knowledge of industry insights, and the ability to serve a wide array of customers, ranging from commercial and industrial sectors to government agencies and infrastructure projects.


We plan to execute our global distribution plan within 36 months.

United States OEM Plans

Our operations in US will include partnering with well established OEMs to manufacture New Energy line up of Electric Vehicles in US and distributing them through our distribution network.

Benefits of US OEM


By partnering with an OEM to manufacture our EVs, we can save costs on building and maintaining your own production facilities. This allows you to focus your resources on marketing and distributing your EVs, while still benefiting from high-quality manufacturing processes.



We look for established OEM with high standards for quality control, which can help to ensure that our EVs meet rigorous industry standards and customer expectations. This will help to build trust and credibility with our customers, which is crucial for long-term success in the EV market.



As our business grows and demand for production increases, partnering with an OEM can help us to scale up production quickly and efficiently. This will help us to meet customer demand without the delays and challenges associated with building your own manufacturing facilities.



An OEM business model allows us to focus on our core competencies, such as design, marketing, and distribution, while leaving manufacturing to the experts. This allows you to adapt more quickly to changes in the market and customer preferences, without having to make significant investments in manufacturing facilities and processes.

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