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Cryptocurrency Mining Services

Hapi Mining is a cryptocurrency mining service that offers various options for individuals to participate in the blockchain ecosystem. Their services include pool mining, home mining, and hosting services. With hosting services, customers can mine cryptocurrencies without having to operate any mining equipment. Hapi Mining aims to provide accessible and hassle-free solutions for anyone interested in cryptocurrency mining.

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PharmD Live uses telemedicine to provide remote medication management solutions for patients with chronic conditions, leveraging telecommunication technologies such as video conferencing and remote monitoring devices to connect patients with clinical pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

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3D Printed House

Using cutting-edge 3D Printing Technology, Robotic gHome bring to you the additional living space you desire to enhance your lifestyle and provide you with a space that perfectly fits your needs. You can design the space as a Home Office, Art Studio, Fitness Room, Recording Studio, Gaming Room, Guest House or as a potential source of income. Whatever you can think of, our ADU is fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

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