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This excavator has the power to get the job done without the pollution generated by traditional internal combustion engines. With no carbon emissions generated through operation the NE80 is a safer option for the workplace, your operators, and the local community



Operating Weight

8,500 KG

Bucket Capacity

0.1~0.28 m³

Max. Travel Speed

3.8 km/h

Overall Dimension (L x W x H)

5,970 x 2,190 x 2,600 mm

Max. Digging Reach

6,710 mm

Max. Digging Depth

4,190 mm

Max. Digging Height

5,780 mm

Motor Rated Power

46.5 kW @ 2,000 rpm

Battery Type

Lithium Battery Power

Battery Capacity

109.3 kWh

Battery Voltage



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