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Announces Start of Production Run of Proprietary Nano-Infused Products for Global Distribution

American Premium Water Corp. (OTC:HIPH) Announces Start of Production Run of Proprietary Nano-Infused Products for Global Distribution

Initial production run marks the beginning of the Company’s distribution agreement with Alset International Limited (SGX:40V), whom they entered into a partnership agreement with in July 2020. The launch products will be the Company’s nano sanitizer device, Nano Energy Water and Nitrous Oxide Energy Shots

PLAYA VISTA, California, Oct. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) (the “Company”) announced today that it has begun production on the first run of proprietary nano-infused products through its distribution agreement with BioHealth Water Inc. (“BioHealth Water”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Alset International Limited (SGX:40V) (“Alset”). The initial production run marks the beginning of the Company’s efforts to sell its aerosolized sanitizing machines, in addition to its two new products utilizing its proprietary Hydro Nano technology: Nano Energy Water and Nitrous Oxide Shots. The products are in process of application for product distribution in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, USA and Canada.

Ryan Fishoff, CEO of American Premium Water, commented, “I am excited to announce the beginning of production for our new products with our new partner in BioHealth Water. This first run will get the products into the hands of distributors across the Pacific Rim (North America & Asia). We are only scratching the surface of the potential that we have with BioHealth Water, and I look forward to receiving feedback from our distributors as we prepare for full scale production later this year. Our plans to increase the volume of distribution alongside various other initiatives that we intend to achieve in the remaining quarter of 2020 will set a firm platform for us to move full steam into 2021. As I have been emphasizing over the years, I believe this partnership highlights the value of the Company’s Hydro Nano technology. We are exploring even more ways to unlock value from this technology, and I look forward to sharing these developments with shareholders in the coming weeks and months.”

The Company previously announced in April that it had developed a prototype of an aerosolized sanitizing machine using its proprietary Hydro Nano technology. This production run will be the first run of the devices and its accompanying sanitizing nano-solution. All products will be sold through HWH global distributors ( and direct sales in the respective countries.

Chan Heng Fai, Chairman and CEO of Alset, commented, “I am very excited to begin selling these products across our global distribution channels. All three products have the potential to make an extraordinary impact that I believe will translate well to the consumer and drive sales. I see a tremendous opportunity with the sanitizing machine to assist small businesses that are looking for an effective solution to bring customers back through the door. I am also looking forward to bringing Nano Energy Water to market, which I believe will make a big impact with customers. I look forward to working with Ryan and his team to continue growing distribution and bring even more impactful products to market in the coming years.”

About American Premium Water Corp.

American Premium Water (OTC: HIPH) is a diversified luxury consumer products company focused on businesses in the health and beauty and biotech sectors. The company is focused on harnessing the powers of Nano technologies paired without cannabidiol (CBD) to treat health disorders and enhance quality of life. The company’s portfolio includes the LALPINA Hydro and LALPINA CBD brands (, Gents (, Vanexxe ( plant + body essentials (

About Alset International Limited

Incorporated on 9 September 2009 and listed on the Singapore Exchange in July 2010, Alset International Limited (f.k.a. Singapore eDevelopment Limited) is involved in (i) property development and investments primarily in the United States and Western Australia; (ii) information technology-related businesses; (iii) development, research, testing, manufacturing, licensing and distribution of biomedical products; and (iv) investment activities. For more information on Alset, please visit

Safe Harbor Notice

Certain statements contained herein are “forward-looking statements” (as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995). American Premium Water Corporation cautions that statements made in this news release constitute forward-looking statements and makes no guarantee of future performance. Forward-looking statements are based on estimates and opinions of management at the time statements are made. These statements may address issues that involve significant risks, uncertainties, estimates and assumptions made by management. Actual results could differ materially from current projections or implied results. American Premium Water Corporation undertakes no obligation to revise these statements following the date of this news release. Additional details of the Company's business can be found in its public disclosures as a reporting issuer under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission's ("SEC") EDGAR database.

This press release is issued on behalf of the Board of Directors of American Premium Water Corporation.

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