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“Construction Month 2023”: Build Green, Live Green - ZCP New Energy Vehicles Exhibition

Effectively utilizing new energy is an important part of implementing carbon reduction strategies. The Construction Industry Council - Zero Carbon Park (CIC-ZCP) concept serves as a response to the government's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. In collaboration with the electric vehicle industry, CIC-ZCP have organized the "New Energy Vehicle Exhibition" to showcase various brands' innovative electric vehicles.

New Energy Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. is honored to be invited to participate in this exhibition and showcase Hong Kong's first electric wheel loader to the public.

Chairman of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) - Ir Thomas HO, JP (second from left),

Principal Assistant Secretary for Environment and Ecology (Air Policy) (EPD) - Dr Kenneth Leung (middle),

Member of CIC-ZCP Management Board - Mr. Rex Wong, JP (first from left)

Member of CIC-ZCP Management Board - Cr Terence MANG (first from right),

Consultant of CIC-ZCP Management Board - Mr. Paul Chong (second from right)

Kicks off the ZCP New Energy Vehicle Exhibition

Chairman of the Construction Industry Council - Ir Thomas HO, JP , said at the opening ceremony: "As the highly anticipated annual event of the Construction Industry Council, the ZCP New Energy Vehicle Exhibition showcases the collaborative efforts of various sectors in striving towards the goal of low-carbon transportation, with the aim of accelerating carbon neutrality by 2050". The New Energy Vehicle Exhibition cordially invited Dr. Kenneth Leung, Principal Assistant Secretary (Air Quality Policy) of the Environment and Ecology Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to officiate at the event to further promote the "Roadmap for the Popularization of Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong" to the public and once again Echoing ZCP’s core value of promoting low-carbon life.


Promoting Smart Cities

Electric vehicles are considered one of the key projects for smart city development as they have the characteristics of being environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and low in carbon emissions. In order to comply with government policies, the Hong Kong construction industry has started early on encouraging the use of electric construction vehicles and gradually moving towards the era of new energy. This not only helps reduce pollution emissions on construction sites but also drives the vision of sustainable development.

New Energy Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. is committed to developing the future of electric transportation and building networks in Hong Kong. In addition to our in-house brand "eTECH", which offers a full range of electric loading trucks, we have also introduced fully electric crawler excavators and electric off-road dump trucks. With our expertise spanning from in-house construction machinery, energy storage equipment, and charging stations to distributing other electric vehicle brands, we are not only able to provide comprehensive services for electric vehicles but also offer charging and energy storage facilities for communities and construction sites.


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