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Member of "eMobility Network" Launched by CLP Power

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) launched a cross-sector partnership called the "eMobility Network" on 11 October 2023, to promote the wider use of electric commercial vehicles (ECVs) in Hong Kong.

New Energy Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. are honored to be invited by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited to join as founding members.

New Energy Asia Pacific Co., Ltd Director Mr. Ambrose Chan (left) & CLP Power Managing Director Mr Joseph Law (right)

The network, which includes ECV manufacturers and operators, charging service providers, and a bank offering green finance services, will encourage technology exchange and accelerate the popularization of ECVs in support of the Hong Kong SAR Government’s target of achieving zero vehicular emissions and carbon neutrality by 2050.

eMobility Network members pledge to promote the popularization of electric commercial vehicles and support Hong Kong on its journey to a low-carbon future.

Environment and Ecology Bureau Deputy Secretary for Environment and Ecology (Environment) Mr Alan Lo, who officiated at the ceremony, said he was delighted with the network’s collective effort to drive the transformation of green transport in Hong Kong. “Driven by various government policy measures, the percentage of electric private cars (PCs) among all newly registered PCs has soared in recent years, accounting for about 60% of newly registered PCs. To support the development of ECVs, the Government will implement policies aimed at promoting the expansion of quick charging network,” he said. “The expertise of network members will contribute to further accelerating the electrification of the transportation in Hong Kong.”

CLP Power Managing Director Mr Joseph Law (fourth from right), CLP Power Chief Corporate Development Officer Ms Quince Chong (second from left), Environment and Ecology Bureau Deputy Secretary for Environment and Ecology (Environment) Mr Alan Lo (fourth from left), Principal Assistant Secretary for Environment and Ecology (Air Policy) Dr Kenneth Leung (third from right), Chairman of Legislative Council Panel on Environmental Affairs The Hon Elizabeth Quat (third from left), Chairman of the Legislative Council Panel on Transport The Hon Chan Han-pan (second from right),

President of Hong Kong Automobile Association Dr Ringo Lee (left), President of Hong Kong E-Vehicles Business General Association Mr Kent Tang (right) .

The eMobility Network will serve as a platform to promote knowledge exchange and cooperation between stakeholders in the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. Members of the network will help Hong Kong move towards a low-carbon future by engaging in collaborative efforts in four key areas: Power supply infrastructure and equipment, quick charging facilities, EV manufacturing and operation, and green finance.


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